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Wii Fit

Posted Jan 09 2009 7:45am 2 Comments
Recently we bought the Wii Fit by Nintendo.  It's great! One improvement might be a choice for body frame.  My BMI (body mass index) is over 30, when the optimum is around 22 according to the program.  It doesn't take into account muscle mass, which over the past year has increased substantially on my body.I've had two physical evaluations by Stanford Physical experts using the calipers and other testing methods; heart rate under stress, etc...My body fat reduced from over 24% to less than 20% between February and May. But the Wii program is too   a bit too generic in this regard.   They are apparently using actuarial tables from the insurance industry, that do not take into account body types.   The program tells me that I would be at the best BMI at 162 lbs.   I now weigh 209 lbs.   In the past, when I last weighed 165 lbs at the age of 27, I had been on crutches with a broken leg.   I looked like a scarecrow.   My best fighting weight is around 185 lbs.   This is my target, but the Wii program will not recognize this, due to what I call a deficiency in the program.Other than that, I know I need to loose weight and am working furiously to do so.  I see the Wii Fit as another helpful too to help me and my family reach our health and fitness goals.   I highly recommend using it for the various methods of exercise it promotes.I will follow with an evaluation of these programs.Cheers,Ken
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Good point...that came to mind as well.

Hi! Ken

I have a Wii fit and I'm really enjoying it One tiny warning :If you miss a couple of days the Wii fit gives you a lecture on how you should try and maintain a better schedule.  My only criticism is I wish it had better  sound

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