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Wii Fit for Weight Loss?

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:41pm

Last weekend I was back home in beautiful Ottawa, Canada. I love going home but hate what it does to my belly! The drinks with friends and the giant meals with family combined a zero exercise tend to really pack on the weight quick for me as I used to be fat. I spent a lot of time playing video games, specifically the Nintendo Wii when I was away. What a fun little system that is. I prefer it to the Playstation or Xbox because you tend to stand up and be more active when playing. Now don't get me wrong, going outside and exercising is always better, but I find the Wii a lesser of the evils in this case.
My future cousin purchased a Wii Fit recently and we all took turns creating our Mii and playing some games. I heard about the Wii Fit a while ago and thought it sounded stupider than low fat ice cream but wanted to try it out when I had the chance. First you enter your height and age, then it measures your weight and BMI (body mass index). This is good information to enter because you can compare it to stats later on as you improve, if you improve. So far, so good, I wasn't overly impressed. Then came the balance testing, this I found interesting because balance is something I would never think of but it is really important in sports and overall health. The real fun and value of the system was revealed to me when I started playing the games. Wow, what an amazing system! You can choose from strength, flexibility, balance and endurance games. I play many of them and they were a real workout! I was panting and sweating, even during some of the balance games! Can you get a great workout from your Wii Fit? Absolutely!
Even better it is fun for everyone. My aunt, fiance, and cousins were playing it like crazy. Both men and women loved it! This is a system to put in your house and play while getting fit instead of sitting on the couch exercising your thumb. I would most definitely recommend it to people who want to have fun while exercising. I don't think it should be your only fitness choice/tool, but I would add it to your exercise tool box. If you have a gym pass, some home gym equipment and a bicycle you could literally never get bored of exercising because of all the variety and that is what keeps people motivated during their weight loss goals.
I give the Wii Fit two thumbs up for weight loss and fitness!
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