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WIAW and 2 Great Giveaways

Posted Aug 14 2013 6:30am

Middle of August and summer is winding down at a rapid speed.  The Hubs leaves before the sun rises tomorrow morning for a long golf weekend with his buddies and we are pretty much back to our crazy morning madness and routines over here.  Summer is always so wonderful and relaxing but all great things do come to an end.  Yesterday felt more like mid September then August but it was kind of nice.  It made me think about apple picking and all things pumpkin!  I love fall!

Let’s get started!  Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW!

Peas and Crayons

Went with another photo collage!  Had a great cool run before the sun came up!  It was so nice!  Breakfast was another smoothie and into the Vitamix went Green Vibrance, 1/2 scoop of PlantFusion, 1/4 frozen banana, berries almond milk and hemp seeds.  Delish!  Can’t get enough of my morning smoothies!

Morning snack was another Chia Bar and a coffee with soy topper from Starbucks!  I was so sleepy but the coffee made me feel so icky the rest of the day.  Too much caffeine from just a tall coffee!

Image copy 2 Lunch was a quinoa salad that I made on Sunday and homemade hummus and celery.

Afternoon snack was a creation I made out of my almond pulp!  Frozen almond pulp protein bars!  I’ll share the recipe with you next week and I also had some frozen grapes!

We did the standard Tuesday night dinner and concert so instead of showing my typical boring but amazing salad, I wanted to tell you about my dinner on Monday!

I had a client to train at my house at 5pm and the Hubs and Sara went out to dinner with the family.  After I was done training I made some zucchini noodles and cooked it up with a homemade basil pesto and garden tomatoes.  Topped with a bit of nutritional yeast.  Was so amazing!  Our tomatoes are coming in FAST and they are SOO good!!


I’ve got so much going on this week that my head is spinning!  I haven’t been sleeping great and it’s catching up with me!  I’ve had to cancel PT for my leg for the last two weeks and had to cancel next week as well! Life is just busy!  Oh well, it happens!  I need to spend more time doing my leg stretches if I want to recover 100%!

I’ll be back Friday as I need a day or so catch my breath!  Tonight, I am going to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner with a friend!  Yeah!

Don’t forget, I’ve got two  great giveaways still going on!

Do you sleep less when your plate is too full?  How is your garden coming along?

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