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Why Women Need Fewer Calories Than Men

Posted by Nirmala N.

I was recently doing research on why most exercise/fitness advice articles recommend that women need fewer calories than men. After speaking to a professor of physical education, I found that while a woman and men of the exact weight/fat percentage would burn the same amount of calories for the same amount of exercise, men are usually larger with a higher lean weight and will tend to burn more calories. This means that women in general need to consume fewer calories than men precisely because of a higher fat percentage and a tendency to burn fewer calories. This means they also need to be pickier about what they eat, because if they need fewer calories, they need to make sure that what they are consuming is nutritious in content. While amount of calories that should be consumed will vary from person to person depending on body composition and fitness goals, women generally need 1,200 calories every day, while men need a few hundred more. And if you exercise regularly, you’ll need even more—particularly if you are very active.
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