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Why Losing Weight Isn’t All Rainbows and Kittens (Like the Commercials Make It Out to Be)

Posted Mar 09 2012 6:00am
after weight loss

Losing weight can be a great goal, but it doesn't ensure happiness. Credit: Cessna 206

Earlier this year, we got a poignant email from a reader. Summer Taylor, a senior undergraduate student in Arkansas, told us that she started her fitness journey last year when she started running and lost more than 30 pounds. Despite her weight-loss success, she found that losing the weight brought up a lot of issues. And that “It’s not all rainbows and kittens, despite what weight loss ads, commercials and TV shows want you to believe.” Her main point was that life without the extra weight can be scary—and that no one really talks about it.

So, I got to thinking. And, sure, we’ve touched on how you might miss the weight after you lose it —and obviously FBG Life is about gaining confidence and learning to love a healthy lifestyle so that you can lose the weight (if that’s your goal) and feel good about yourself in the process—but Summer was right in that we’ve never done a post solely on what happens after you lose the weight and how that might mess with your head-space.

Summer graciously offered for us to post a few paragraphs from her own blog, Going On From There , about all of this and more. We love how honest and real it is. Losing weight is about change, and change can be very scary. That’s why most of us resist it. Not to mention that losing weight will never inherently make you a better person. You are who you are. Love yourself as you are, now, and then strive to improve yourself inside and out. That’s really what life is about: being our best, no matter the size.

Okay, enough jabbering by us. Read it!

Summer Taylor of the blog Going On From There.

The Skinny on Being Skinny, by Summer Taylor

I hate weight-loss commercials. Sorry for being a Debbie Downer, but I despise them with every fiber of my being. Why? Because weight-loss commercials perpetuate the idea that losing weight is the magical fix-all for your life. If you look good in an itty-bitty bikini then you can rule the world, or something akin to it. They suck you in and make you think that you can look like that model on the screen , when in reality, the majority of it is airbrushing. And given the fact that it’s the beginning of a New Year, I’ve been seeing a TON of them, from programs to shakes to equipment to meal plans to pills; it’s ridiculous!

However, despite how much I hate weight-loss commercials , I want to believe them. I want to believe that losing weight really will make all of life fall right into place and give you the perfect job, house, car and even boyfriend, along with a rockin’ bod. I want to believe that being able to fit into a size two bikini is all that’s needed in order to have the perfect life, and if I just work hard enough then I can get that, too, just like that “perfect” model with the “perfect” life on television.

But I know that’s not true. And it never will be true. Because despite how hard losing weight is, it is not a fix-all, and it will NOT make your life perfect. In fact, the thing that no one, and especially no one on weight-loss commercials, tells you is that losing weight may very well give you a complex. Losing weight may very well make you freak out more about your body than if you had just kept the weight on in the first place.

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Did any of Summer’s post resonate with you and your experience? Let’s discuss! —Jenn

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