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Why Injections Are The Finest Delivery Method For HCG.

Posted Aug 14 2012 5:56am

Going on the hCG diet is a life changing event. Now you must decide between hCG injections or tablets. Your desire to lose weight is a conscientious change for the better. You have taken a realistic and honest assessment of your health. Now you have to determine which hCG protocol is best for you.

Now is the time to determine which hCG protocol is best for you. There are some real differences that distinguish the hCG injections and tablets, let us review them. The product uniformity and stability of hCG tablets, also called homeopathic tablets, vary from company to company.

In fact, even though there are some reputable makers of hCG tablets, the majority of tablets on the market do not contain any hCG whatsoever. So before you consider tablets, be sure to read the label carefully. Tablets are also classified as a dietary supplement; this means that the production controls on hCG tablets are no different than that required of a box of cereal.

Every single vial of hCG injections are produced and managed to pharmaceutical standards. Every lot is tested, and can only be released as a quality-controlled product. The prescribed amount is accurate and is prescribed in a measured quantity that your doctor believes to be best for you, based on your body type, metabolism, and general physical condition. In addition, Doctors are human, and the level of their attention to the details of your diet is considerable, for a remedy that he or she prescribes.

Remember, the hCG diet not only is predicated on low calories, but also the change in body chemistry. Compare prescribed hCG injections to the idea that you purchase an item over the counter. Most brands of hCG tablets contain fillers and inert ingredients that may not add calories to your diet, yet can carry some chemical components that could affect the body chemistry.

The injections are the original system of administration of the hormone as proposed by Dr. Simeons. His intent, through scientific study was to administer the exact amount necessary to relieve side effects such as headache, irritability and muscle loss, as well as to create a condition in which the body processes are adapted to bring about rapid and healthy .

Most brands of hCG tablets require being taken 2 or 3 times a day. The tablets are swallowed, if there is a trace of hCG in its formulation, whatever is there will be destroyed by the digestive system and not absorbed into the blood stream.

Think about the logic of taking multiple doses daily, this means that the effectiveness of the product theoretically lasts only a few hours, testament to the fact that if there is any hCG in tablets at all, it is only contained in the smallest amounts. Compared to swallowing tablets, hCG injections release the hormone into the body in a more secure and innate manner. Take into account that the greater the amount of doses, the greater one’s chance to miss a dose.

The hCG injection is administered once in the morning through a very fine needle. In fact, it is the same needle used for taking insulin. The injection goes just below the skin and is relatively painless. In summary, hCG works, and for the preponderance of people, physician supervised hCG injections is the best option. It is certainly the safest. Read the label of all products and take the positive step today. Do your best, keep learning, and keep .

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