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Why Haven't We Figured It Out Ye...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:33pm

Why Haven't We Figured It Out Yet?
Yesterday San Diego Padres pticher David Wells was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, this should come as a shock to no one. It just another example of how our horrible eating habits are causing our health to go down the drain.
In David Wells case this was a long time coming. David Wells has always been known as a hefty pitcher who keeps getting bigger. We are talking about a pro athlete that can't control his diet. Pro athletes have things handed to them, not to mention that they have alot of money to be able to afford certain things like nutritionist and cooks.
It just makes no sense, our "modern" diet, the diet that was suppose to save us from heart attacks. Remember in the late 80's, all the dieting "experts" came out and told us that we should drastically drop fat from our diet and eat a diet high in carbs? Everyone went out and got fat, "central obesity" became a new term.
The sad thing is, Padres team sources say " it is controllable", your damn right it is. It is controllable before you get it. Type 2 diabetes is simply insulin resistance. Everytime we eat we give our body a shot of insulin, the degree of the shot depends on what we eat. Eat oatmeal and eggs, the shot in medium, eat a protein shake with some almonds, the shot is low. Eat a pizza, or a bagel, or ice cream or anything else that is popular today and the shot is big.
Insulin is a hormone that shuttles sugar into our muscle cells (hence the need to add muscle to lose fat!). Once we can not store any more sugar it is converted to bodyfat. So now I think it is pretty clear to see that is we don't have lean muscle and consisently consume high carbohydrate meals, we will eventually fall into a state of insulin resistance, the extreme case is diabetes.
Now at this point you are probably thinking that all insulin resistance does is cause an increase is weight. WRONG.
Some other issues causes by insulin resistance
-Increased aging
-Increased wrinkles
-Sexual dysfunction
-Joint Pain
-Decreased confidence
So you can see that insulin resistance is serious, not to mention that by controlling insulin we can control every other hormone in our body. Want to get ripped? Control insulin. Want to add muscle? Control insulin. Want to decrease stubborn fat or stress levels? Come on say it with me, Control insulin.
I've typically can drop 2-3% body fat off of my clients in 3 weeks by simply controlling their insulin levels. Body fat isn't pounds, anyone can simply drop pounds( water, fat and muscle), body fatis the good stuff, the stuff that makes you sick on the beach in 10 weeks.This is the time of year where I typical go into shell and really slash my body fat, what about you?
To begin there are a few steps to follow
-Decrease carbs, only eating carbs high in fiber like oatmeal and grain.
-Decrease any type of bread intake, including wheat, it really isn't as good as "they" say it is.
-Add 2-3 energy system aerobic workouts for no more 20-25 minutes
-Purchase Precision Nutrition by Dr.John Berardi. This is without a doubt my favorite resource for nutritional information, it takes you step by step through the process of eating, manipulating calories and even provides fantastic recipes.
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