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Why Core Training! What's the Core?

Posted Oct 24 2009 11:33am

Every movements we do comes from our core. Our core works as the gyroscope to keep us balanced in our daily movements. If our upper and lower body is strong, but the core is weak, we are very vulnerable to a host of problems, the biggest of which is injury. Low back pain, bulging stomachs, loose gluteals, and large “love-handles” are strong signs that signal the need for core training.

Many people mistake abdominal muscles as the core! In fact, the abs are but a small part of many muscle groups in the core. These muscles are: The Gluteus Maximus, Minimus, and Medius, Quadratus Lumborum, External and Internal Obliques, Tranversus and Rectus Abdominis, Pyramidialis, Erector Spinae Group, Diaphragm, Lateral Rotators of the Hip Joint, Illiopsoas, and others.

Yes. In fact, there are billions of receptors involved in balance during movement and these are connected to the muscles of the core. When these nerves and receptors are “idle”, the possibility for injury increases ten folds.

My training philosophy is simple. I apply functional, dynamic movements that moves the body in all three planes of motions: back to front, side to side, and rotational movements. I apply gradual training techniques that uses balance disks, fit/core ball, medicine ball, thera bands, and small apparatus to add resistance and strength to the core. What makes it even more fun. There’s no age limit when it comes to strengthening your core.

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