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Why Coconut Milk is Best Alternative to Dairy Milk

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:01am
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To make coconut milk the juice inside the coconut is combined with the white flesh of the coconut. The result is a wonderful white milk that is full of super-healthy nutrients. Best of all, coconut milk is absolutely delicious and is non-fattening compared to cow’s milk.

Past research into coconut oil was usually based on hydrogenated coconut oil, rather than on the pure coconut oil squeezed from the white flesh. This gave the mistaken impression that coconut oil is saturated and is therefore bad for your health - but in fact this is not so. Also, in the past it was not realized that some saturated fats cause surplus body fat while others are used up as energy or broken down to unsaturated fats, depending on the atomic structure of the fat.

All the modern research shows coconuts to be a great source of healthy nutrition. Although about a third of the white coconut flesh is technically classed as saturated fat, most of this fat is made up of MCFA’s (fatty chains that are burnt up as energy rather than ending up as body fat). Because of this, coconuts are increasingly used in weight-loss regimes.

About 50% of these MCFA’s are made up of lauric acid. This is the most important essential fatty acid in building and maintaining the body’s immune system. The only other rich dietary source of lauric acid (apart from coconut oil) is human milk.

Coconut milk provides a really good source of nutrition for those following a weight loss regime because the saturated fat is composed of short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids that are quickly and easily assimilated into the body - the fatty acids do not end up as fat in the body like the long-chain fatty acids in cow’s milk.

‘One of the remarkable things about coconut oil is that it can help you lose weight.’ Dr. Mary G. Enig, (Ph.D. in nutritional sciences), USA.

‘In tests, animals which ate just a little pure unsaturated oil were fat, and animals which ate a lot of coconut oil were lean. The anti-obesity effect of coconut oil is clear.’ Dr. Raymond Peat (scientist and biochemist), USA.

So although coconut milk may be high in so-called saturated fat, it is a good source of nutrition in any weight loss regime because most of the fat is used up as energy instead of being stored as fat. Coconut milk contains calcium and good for your bones, it is highly nutritious, and it helps build up a strong immune system to ward off disease and illness.

Much of the research and published studies is clearly showing that coconuts are super-rich in many vitamins, minerals, and health promoting oils.

Making coconut milk at home is quick and easy once you know how, and no special apparatus is required. When you experience the cool, luxurious, super-delicious taste of coconut milk you will always want to have it.

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