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Why Buying the Wrong Night Cream Is More Than a Waste of Money!

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:03am
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As an important part of your beauty routine, night cream is often discussed as a must have. However, no one really focuses attention on what ingredients are essential to a great night cream.

A great night cream should contain 3 types of ingredients. The first essential ingredient is a cellular re-newer that rejuvenates the epidermis. The second: antioxidants that neutralize environmental toxins. The third: a collagen booster which improves elasticity and smoothness.

Most importantly, you should narrow your choices to only those night creams that contain, as their base, a fantastic natural moisturizer. Examples of great natural moisturizers include: (1) enzyme extracts from tea leaves, marine plants, and yeast; (2) encapsulated moisturizers that continually renew skin on a time release basis; and (3) fish egg (caviar) emollients that nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

And do not forget that price is not an indicator of quality. A good night cream will contain the ingredients listed above and will have them in the right concentration. So investigate, find right night creams and try a new product. However, be aware that you must devote at least 6-8 weeks to a new night cream in order for it to have time to work. Because wasting time with a product that just won’t work, is more than just wasted time and money you aren’t properly protecting your skin, you won’t be turning back the clock on aging and you might be damaging your skin.

Shopping for the right products, discussed above, can be time consuming. While your favorite boutique could have great products, often they carry a limited selection and getting there can be such a battle. I recommend one source: This site is devote solely to night cream and contains a treasure trove of information and articles on this subject. You will find products that contain all of the ingredients that I’ve discussed in this article and they have products at every price point for every skin type.

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