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Who Should Do Core Exercises?

Posted Nov 15 2009 6:34am

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Why should we perform core exercises before activity?

Most people have poor neuromuscular control in their deep core stabilization system which provides lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC) stabilization.  This system has to work efficiently for our body to develop prime mover strength, power, neuromuscular control, and muscular endurance.  The core is the beginning point of movement and where the center of gravity is located.  A stable and efficient core is needed to provide balance throughout the entire kinetic chain.  Thus, core training can be completed prior to any type of resistance training.  The core training acts as a “pre-warmup” prior to any movement.  We first have to improve the neuromuscular control of the core (activate core muscles by having the brain fire the right muscles at the right time) to provide inter-vertebral and LPHC stability throughout the remainder of the workout. By activating the core first, the kinetic chain will be more stable and have a higher level of neuromuscular control throughout the remainder of the workout.

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