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Which Is Better Fish Oil Or Flax Oil?

Posted Aug 11 2010 12:00am

Although both of these sources contain omega fats there is a lot of debate on which one is better for your body.  The vast majority of people understand that the body needs omega fats (healthy fats) to aid in overall nutrition of the heart and the mind.  However, which one of these sources is superior?

Some argue that taking fish oils can be hazardous due to heavy metals and chemicals found in the fish.  However, this can be excluded by taking the right kinds of fish oils that come from cold waters and have proper processing.  My favorite is the Carlson’s brand which can be taken in a pill form or in liquid form (lemon or orange flavor).

For vegetarian, the choice is clear; they take flax.  So, what are people missing out on if they consume flax rather then fish omega fats?  Here are some main differences between the two.

  • Contains High Levels of DHA and EPA – these have been proven to be the most beneficial in the body because they are the most readily available.  These 2 omega fats have the greatest impact on the heart and brain.
  • From DHA and EPA the body can make what is present in flax seed oil, ALA (alpha Lipoic Acid).  This is a smooth process for the body because it is able to convert easily by simply dropping off bonds instead of adding them (chemistry talk ;)
  • Contains ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid).  These can then be transformed by the body to create DHA and EPA.
  • Although the body has the ability to change ALA into DHA and EPA; elderly people and people with immune problems may have a hard time converting ALA by adding 2 or 4 carbon bonds.

By studying the info above, it’s easy to see that fish oil wins the debate hands down!  Our bodies work hard all day long to process foods, filter toxins, pumping blood and excreting waste.  Using fish oil gives it one less task to do.  By taking flax oils only,  you run the risk of not converting the oils properly to give the body the omega fats that are necessary to aid in brain function, heart function, ward off disease and control inflammation.  Is that a chance you want to take with your body??

Adria Ali

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