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Which gym machines help you burn calories faster?

Posted Jan 14 2009 4:42pm 2 Comments

Is it true that machines that work the upper and lower body burn more calories than those that only work the lower body?

Do you know which machines in the gym are worth spending time on and which are a waste of your time if you're after fast results? Read on to find out how you can make the most of your time in the gym.

Popular opinion suggests that if you pick machines that work your whole body, such as the rower, treadmill or the cross trainer, you're bound to burn more calories than you would by selecting ones which only work your lower limbs such as the stepper and the stationary bike. It does seem to make sense - however, the simple answer is that if you want to burn the maximum amount of calories and get the fastest fitness results you're capable of, try choosing the machines that makes you work the hardest regardless of whether it works the upper or lower body. 

So the machine for you is most likely the one you avoid because it's just too hard - try it out next time you go to the gym.

Try out a new challenge. When you first try something new in the gym, you need to concentrate, keep your balance and get used to the motion and this can initially be more challenging than just sticking to the same old machines you always head for.

One example of this is the Nautilus Treadclimber, which requires an unfamiliar movement and at first, can leave even the most avid gym-goer puffed out. Once you are familiar with it, the workout will feel easier and now is the right time to increase the levels and give you an even more intense workout.

Remember, however, you don't need to use any machines to burn lots of calories. You just need to do an activity for a minimum of 20 minutes that will get your heart pumping. Try cardio sessions of running, skipping, hill walking, dancing or swimming. Keep your routine varied and remember to push yourself.

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Photograph by maHidoodi (flickr)

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I would say a tredmill burns more calories? I'm not a fan of gyms, I prefer to work out at home or outdoors. I go on for most of my ideas, they have a lot to learn and do on their site.

The key is to keep your training varied and not to let your body get used to one form of exercise.  Good luck! 

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