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Where I've Been I've gotten a fe...

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:50am

Where I've Been

I've gotten a few emails asking where weekly newsletter is ( ). Sorry that I couldn't get one out this week but I've been crazy busy with developing products and school work. Not to mention computer eye strain always sucks....


Interval Q & A

Q:I've recently started performing interval cardio to decrease my body fat and find that it really makes me tired and drained after I perform each session. I've really got my diet down and want your take on how I can better recover from interval training?

A: My quick answer would be to tell you not to do interval training that much. It is very fatiguing and can actually decreases your weight loss chances since you'll be too drained or tired to perform any type of intense work. My suggestion is to limit the interval training to two to three times per week.

I'd make sure that at least two of those interval session are done on days where you train your lower body. The third day I'd tell you to just perform interval training, no weight. Recovery is a different ball game.

You can try stretching but that doesn't really work that well. My best advice is to make sure that you aren't over doing it and get into a hot and cold shower right after you train.

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