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When Science Goes “Oops!”: 3 Healthy “Just Kidding Y’all”s That Will Delight You [Pants, Parenting

Posted Mar 20 2013 3:38pm

Science is known for contradicting itself but this week has been a banner week for the mea culpas from the smarter set.* J/k is totally the newest element on the periodic table. And it’s only Wednesday! Maybe it’s evidence of my low sense of humor. Or maybe I just like watching previously adamant people eat their own words. (Or maybe I just really like saying I told you so!) But these three stories made my day:

Happy Baby Pose-001

Happy” Baby pose is happy for so many reasons!

I See London, I See France, I See Your Lululemon Underpants!

Lululemon just  recalled  a bunch of their fancy pants for being too transparent. Remember when I whined about the disappearing workout pants problem – caused by overly thin fabric doing a disappearing trick during inopportune moments like the bottom of a deep squat while you have 200 pounds balanced on your shoulders – and everyone was like “Charlotte, wear underwear”? Well workout pants extraordinaire Lulu just announced that their famous Luon fabric is showing more of our lulus than we like, thanks to “a lack of quality oversight in Asian factories.” See? It’s not your butt expanding and stretching the fabric ultra thin, it was the pants the whole time! Writes one disgruntled customer, ”It’s hard enough making a commitment to working out without worrying about whether you are baring your behind.” (And more proof I’m not the only one who thinks you shouldn’t have to double layer your dingo!) Amen, sister! For any of you similarly afflicted, Lulu is offering a full refund or exchange. At least they’re handling the issue with, um, full transparency?


Jillian Michaels: Real Life Does Trump Working Out, After All

2. After basically staking her entire professional reputation on her “no excuses!” motto, Biggest Loser trainer and confessed hard-nose Jillian Michaels  admitted  in this month’s Fitness mag that it actually is harder to take care of yourself when you have kids and that children are maybe a legit excuse. Jillian explains,

“I used to say, ‘If you’re going to exercise, then you do it, and you do it 100 percent.’ Now if I’ve got to answer e-mails while I work out on the StairMaster, well, then that’s what it is. People can rub my nose in it, because it is so hard — so hard — to take care of yourself when you’re a parent.”

She adds,

“I get up at 7 a.m. — after being up all night with the baby — and run around trying to get both kids diaper-changed, dressed, and fed. Finally I’ll shower, and before I know it, I’ve got 50 e-mails to answer, and I need to leave for work. At the end of the day, I come home, and I’m like, OK, let me bathe you, change you, feed you, read you books, put you to bed — wait, how am I supposed to do all this? Son of a bitch, this is hard!

If you can do only 20 minutes on your treadmill at home while you check your e-mail at the same time, it matters. I used to rip people apart for that, but you just get it in where you can, and that’s all you can do.” [Emphasis mine]

I love this so much. First I love that she can admit that parenthood is harder than she thought it was going to be. It takes a good dose of humility – especially for someone in her position – to admit that maybe they don’t have it all figured out. But second, I love this because she realizes the importance of prioritizing her kids first.  I’ve read too many celeb interviews where they basically say that nothing and no one interferes with their workout time and then shuttle the little ones off to a nanny so they can maintain their perfect figure. Now, I’m NOT knocking people who use exercise as their “me” time – heck, I do it (and the Y watches my kids for me so I can) – but as a parent you quickly discover that the two most valuable tools you can have are a sense of humor and flexibility. Get your workout in. But don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen some days or if it’s not what you had planned. Kids don’t need you to be perfect. They just need you. And that’s something that’s taken me a long time to figure out.


 This picture is for you Sarah, Jess and Sara. You guys know why.

Red Meat Not The Reason the Death Star Imploded

Red meat won’t kill you, after all. Nor is it destroying the environment. That sound you hear? Another tolling of the death knell for the USDA food pyramid (or cube or plate or whatever 3-D shape we’re on now).  A recent study , called the European Prospective Investigation in Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC), included more than half a million people from 10 European countries and the findings were very interesting: Red meat intake not only is “no longer associated with mortality,” but also that “all-cause mortality was higher among participants with very low or no red meat consumption.” A 2012 Harvard study, though smaller, seems to support the EPIC’s conclusions in Americans.

The real surprising part is that processed meat like bacon and hot dogs also did not seem to lead to an earlier death as we’ve been told. The unsurprising part? Junk food did increase overall mortality. And that people who ate a lot of processed meat were also more likely to eat a lot of junk food. As for red meat-eating killing the planet, check out  this amazing TED talk  (are TED talks not the best invention ever? I love TED so hard.) that refutes the common belief that cow flatulence is suffocating us all. So, while no one is suggesting you go on the all-fillet-mignon-all-the-time diet, there does seem to be some solid science that – wait for it – eating whole unprocessed foods is better than eating junk. Especially if you go for the grass-fed, pastured and herded-by-angels variety.


I am smarter than scientists! No, wait. I’m totally not. But starting today, now you have three less things to worry about! *Someone pointed out I’m doing science in general a disservice by tarring them all with the same brush. To wish I say… yeah, you’re totally right. Writing headlines is the bane of my existence and I’m admittedly bad at it. Anyone care to suggest a better title? I’ll use it!

Any of you not surprised by Lulu’s disappearing act? Who else kinda wants to give Jillian Michaels a group hug now? What’s your philosophy on red meat?

P.S. Sorry this post is up so late (because I know everyone is breathlessly sitting at their computers waiting for the next overshare to drop from my fingers…) but it’s because I was up too late at the P!nk “Truth About Love” show which was THE BEST CONCERT I’VE EVER BEEN TO.


Hard to see in this pic but she’s dangling over stage center, suspended by elastic cables held by 3 men hanging by their feet from that metal apparatus at the top. I swear she was up in the air more than she was on the stage!


That woman is an INSANE athlete! Her acrobatics were astounding. I so so so want to do a P!nk workout now! So, you know, P!nk, if you’re reading this. Call me. 


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