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When Life Gives You Lemons, Smash Them Into Pulp, Extract the Oil and Rub it on Your Forehead [Can essential oils really relieve

Posted Jul 18 2013 1:34am


My in-laws are coming today to visit for five days.

I have a cold. (Or wicked allergies. Still not sure.)

My toilet keeps overflowing.

The dishwasher literally fell out of its cabinet.

Our only “spare” room is super hospitable with 2x4s and concrete.

I dropped my cellphone in the toilet. After Jelly Bean peed in it. And now I need a new one.

We still have so many unopened boxes that I’m considering just renaming it Q*bert’s Dream House and calling it done.

qbert I too curse in code! We’re soul mates!

Did I mention my in-laws are coming?

Stress: I am having all of it. As are my kids, since I spent all day taking it out on them by alternately getting massively upset about inconsequential things and then hiding in my room and crying. But my sweet friend Makenzie saw my imminent breakdown and brought me some essential oils to help with my mad anxiety and stress. Truth to be told, while I’ve seen these types of oils around the health and fitness communities, I’ve never thought much of them. I mean, my anxiety is so tough it’s basically resistant to everything. So how is scenting my air going to help where major psychotropic medications have failed? But, hey, I’m willing to try anything. Plus they smell yummy so it’s a win right there.

She brought me two to try out: lavender to calm me and wild orange to make me happy. While I don’t think there’s a substance on earth that truly calms me, oranges do generally make me happy. She instructed me to dab the lavender essential oil on my collarbone and huff the wild orange. She let me borrow one of her air diffusers and told me to put it in the room where we’d all be spending the most time because it will stealthily make all of us happier. And it cannot be overstated how awesome that would be. I’d basically be the lovechild of Willy Wonka, the Avon Lady and James Bond. But with better costumes. (I always have better costumes.)

Really though, I’m very interested to see how this will work out because I couldn’t have come up with a better weekend to Experiment with stress reduction. I tried looking up some science to see if there’s any research into “essential oils” but while I found lots of enthusiastic testimonials, I didn’t find any hard science. Although there was some that linked smelling pleasant smells in general to less stress. (Cinnamon bun odor was the clear winner. Followed by pumpkin pie. I think I’m sensing a theme…) Nevertheless, I do believe there is much wisdom to be found from “alternative” health sources and as long as it doesn’t involve scraping my back until I bleed, I’m all for giving it a go.

It’s not just my friend Makenzie that swears by these though. Several months ago, before I moved, a friend dropped in on the Gym Buddies (sob) and I on the stretching mats and had us smell several vials of oils. She’d brought them because a couple of the Gym Buddies suffer from chronic headaches. So apparently the oils can be good for lots of things.

Do any of you use essential oils? What do you think of how they work – placebo effect or lost art? Anyone else loooove Q*bert?


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