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When Injuries Throw A Wrench In Your Routine

Posted Jul 03 2008 5:10pm

Quick question. My orthopedist said no more jogging. I’m only allowed elliptical without the arm motion, light swimming and walking. (Lower disc issues). I’ve lost about 25 lbs or so and scared that since I have to give up the other stuff I was doing (mainly dance, body toning etc) I did that I’ll regain since I’ve been told that if I don’t ease up on the workouts I’m in for trouble.


This is where I get to talk about the wonder that is maintenance.

Actually, right here is where i get to talk about the fact i am not a doctor and you should never listen to me over one, and always follow what you doctor says, and blah blah blah.

BUT HERE is where we talk about maintenance. The great thing about it, and an added incentive for all of you to reach your goals, is that you can cut your trainingIN HALFand maintain your muscle mass. You can work out half as often, or half as hard, or for half as long and keep all of your hard work.

So, if to lose your weight, you walked 4 miles a day, you can now walk 2 miles a day and keep the weight off (if you watch what you eat!) OR you can walk 4 miles every other day.

That’s muscle mass. When it comes to weight, its all about calories in vs. calories out, so if you are really nervous about it, just keep track of what you are eating and how many calories you are burning during your doctor approved form of exercise.

Being hurt is one of the most frustrating thing than can happen. I hate when i WANT to work out but CAN’T. But you have to rest up and let your body heal, and so if that means stalling your weightloss (not reversing it) then so be it. Put your weightloss on hold (if you are still trying to lose) and focus on keeping your progress and getting better.

If this is a permanent thing, again, no worries. Swimming is one of the BEST full body exercises you can do, and it doesnt put any pressure on the joints. I, personally, swim like a fish with one flipper and couldnt go in a straight line if my life depended on it.

This guy is better than me:

and faster.

I like the elliptical, so you can get a really intense workout, even with out your arms. Instead of boring ole forward, you can elliptical backwards, while holding onto the little middle handles. to make it really burn, bend your knees pretty deeply and think about not letting your upper body move whatsoever. Trust me, it works.

If you keep moving, and eat sensibly, you wont put the weight back on. And if one or two pounds creeps back up, just take care of it later- your health is more important.

And congrats on your weightloss! Keep up the good work!

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