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What You Should Consider Before Getting Weight Loss Surgery

Posted Jan 26 2010 9:09pm
Weight loss surgery is a procedure performed under anesthesia that results in patients losing weight.

This surgical procedure restructures the digestive system in such a way as to cause the patient to lose weight. The stomach has a band or staples placed in such a way as to make the total volume that it initially holds to be about one quarter cup of food.

This smaller volume causes only a few nibbles of food at one time to fill a patient. Less food consumed means that there are fewer calories consumed. This results in weight loss. At times the weight loss is very dramatic.

According to the procedure chosen, there may be a re-pluming of the large intestine. This results in even more weight loss as the nutrients form the food are not as effectively absorbed into the blood stream.

This procedure is usually reserved for patients who are morbidly obese. That means that over thirty percent of their body weight is fat. In practical terms, the person must be at least one hundred pounds over their ideal weight.

Weight loss surgery is not without complications. As with any surgery, some of these complications can be very serious and can even cause death. Some of the possible complications include blood clots, blood loss and problems with anesthesia.

There are also some serious sided effects from weight loss surgery. Since the volume of food that is taken in is so small, patients may miss out on certain needed vitamins and minerals. Patients should take vitamins daily in order to alleviate this problem. In the procedure where a portion of the bowel is removed, patients may have difficulty absorbing iron and may become anemic.

Before having this surgery, there are some procedures that should be done. Since it will no longer be possible to do a proper upper GI series after the surgery, many surgeons order this test prior to the surgery.

When large amounts of weight have been lost, there is often hanging skin that needs to be removed in a second surgery.

The advantages of weight loss surgery are numerous. Patients are able to lose and keep weight off. Weight related problems may be reduced. Patients may no longer have back problems and type 2 diabetics may be able to stop taking any medication yet have blood sugar levels remain in the normal range.

Weight loss surgery is a difficult decision and should not be taken lightly.

April Kerr owns website Greg Walton MD which is all about bariatric weight loss and vitamins for bariatric patients.

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