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What You Don’t Know About The Best Abdominal Exercise Can Hurt You

Posted Mar 14 2011 1:43am

Do so many ab routines make you unsure as to which exercises to do as part of your abdominal workouts? I totally understand. And can help.

Obviously there is no ONE all encompassing ab exercise that produces taut, well developed abs. So if you were hoping to discover that, sadly you’re in for disappointment. Truth is you can best firm those sagging stomach muscles by doing a variety of ab exercises. That and eating right and including a regular cardio routine is how best to melt off any unwanted ab flab.

Know this however. The best abdominal exercises done right target all major muscle groups in that area. Namely your rectus abdominis, transverses abdominis, and both the external and internal obliques. Here’s the role each plays.

Your obliques are found running along your sides sharing space with your ribs. They help with erect posture and rotating your torso.

Those sporting a well developed six-pack to show off have a nicely toned rectus abdominis. The long flat muscle runs down the middle of your stomach region. It also helps with posture and pelvic movement.

Spinal stability is maintained by your transverses abdominis muscle layer lying along your abdominal wall.

Now that you understand the muscle groups, just what are the best exercises to work this group of muscles?

For the obliques side crunches, twisting crunches, captain’s chair are some of the best exercises you can do. When crunches are done on a stability ball you get double benefits of both strengthening your core and improving balance and stability.

Use a variety of crunches to train and develop your rectus abdominis to help you attain washboard like abs.

While pelvic tilts, stomach vacuums (trying to pull your belly button to your spine) and planks are some of the best workouts for your transverse abdominis.

Apart from these there are a variety of workouts to strengthen the abdomen muscles like cable kneeling crunches, weighted decline sit-ups, hanging leg raises which provide a wide range of motion. And let’s not forget that Pilates is a complete workout which targets all the abdominal muscles.

Trainer Tip: Even when working just your abs it’s not wise to go from 0 to 60 without warming up first. Stretching and getting your body ready for optimal performance is important if you want to avoid hurting yourself..

There you have it. A brief overview of the best abs exercises – no fancy abs machines required. Follow the advise shared with these abdominal training strategies and in next to no time you too can have a flat belly to show off.

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