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What Women Are Willing To Do To Lose Weight – Survey Revealed

Posted Mar 15 2011 12:00am

We all want to lose weight and look great 100% of the time.  The increase in obesity rates has made losing weight even more important.  While Lap ban and gastric bypass surgery have grown in popularity, other women are looking for natural ways to shed the fat.  The question is How Far Would You Go To Lose Weight?? This survey conducted by Slim Fast is a bit shocking.  See what they found and if it applies to you!

  • Six out of 10 women (60 percent) would have sex everyday if it helped them keep their weight under control.
  • 45% of women would never have another glass of wine (alcohol) if it meant they would never gain another pound, 35 % coffee, and 29% chocolate.
  • The survey changes when it comes to friends.  When asked if they would give up their best friend to never gain another pound, only 5% said they would never talk to their friend again.
  • When asked what scenario created the most inspiration to slim down, 40% said getting into a bathing suit, 33% said a New Years’ resolution, 25% said wedding, and 20% said a class reunion.
  • One in ten women said they would indulge in a one night stand (ages 18-34) if they lost a whole dress size.

Whoa!  With answers like these, the weight loss industries are going to take over the world in a matter of years!  I have seen first hand the power of weight loss.  However, each one of us has the strength and the power to lose weight.  You don’t need to dump your best friend, have a one night stand or give up your wine.  You just need to find a healthy balance in your life.  Chart out your day and include ways to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Adria Ali

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