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What's your favorite 30 minute workout?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

IF you've only got thirty minutes to workout what do you pick? I go for Pilates or a walk myself.
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Cardio or pilates. Definitely pilates-my gym doesn't offer it, but I have plenty of the DVDs at home. And they really work! I work up a sweat with pilates, and I feel accomplished afterwards as my body feels well-worked and energized. If I'm at the gym with limited time, I'm all for cardio-the treadmill or stationery bike especially.
Depends on the weather. If it's nice I walk or walk/run with my dog. Otherwise I love my elyptical machine. It's great to read or just watch TV. 30 or 45 minutes goes by very fast that way!
Racquet Ball With a Pro. I would love to spend 30 minutes playing a Pro racquetball player. I would learn so much and it would improve my game.
Definetely jogging . I have fixed 30 minutes for myself when I run , and if I am able to do it early in the morning, then nothing like it!
Not the gym. I like to spend at least 45 minutes at the gym so if I only have 30 minutes, I'll probably settle for 10 minutes of jumproping and 20 minutes of yoga. Sounds weird, but it works for me. Either that, or a brisk 30-minute walk around my neighborhood.
Do they exist?. I really don't know! My yoga and kickboxing classes are always an hour and a half...unless we're late! I guess, since the question is for 30 minutes, I'll have to go with walking with my husband and son. That's always enjoyable...unless I'm feeling very tired that day. I do like some of the 30-minute yoga programs on TV. Living Yoga With Padma is an excellent one. Yoga Zone is another one I like. Ab exercises can take up to 30 minutes if I do enough of them. Sometimes they are the last half hour of kickboxing class. Having a group of guys and gals to compete with when counting out crunches (legs straight up in the air) is motivating and can make you laugh (at that one person who's counting really slowly and grunting) and having a partner push & congratulate you can really feel good.
Eliptical. I like 30 mins on the eliptical machine. It gets my heart rate up and I break a sweat. I leave the gym feeling refreshed after only 30 mins.
I get on the rebounder or Trampoline - it's simple, no stress on the ankles, burns more calories than jogging and you don't even need to drive out of the house.
For 30 minutes I try to get in some extreme intervals that will include serious cardio followed by resistance exercises. Or, I too would like a nice walk/jog and try to push myself to get the maximum cardio benefit. I prefer to do cardio alone for at least 50 minutes- so I make 30 minutes really count!

Now, does this count getting to the gym or do you mean 30 minutes altogether? If it's 30 altogether, I will blast music in my house and run around like a two year old, dancing and rocking out. This also means mixing in things like push-ups and sit-ups.

If you mean once you're at the gym, I like to run for thirty. It's the most effective way to get my heart rate up and keep it up, maximizing the small amount of time I have.

Go on a walk or do two forms of yoga. I feel that I get all of the exercise I need doing these two things. And I love and enjoy both of them...never feel bored!
If I had 30 minutes to workout I would go for a walk or do a yoga rountine
A fast paced, brisk walk through a beautiful park or in the woods or by the sea...or anywhere nice is definitely my favorite 30 minute workout.
Swimming, definitely swimming. You can get an amazing 30-minute swim workout.
I usually pick a 15 min run/walk and 15 min elliptical. Definitely a cardio workout!
if you are at the gym, do 30 minutes of core body work (i.e. bridges, ball squats with hand weights, step ups (on bench) with medicine ball, floor scissors, etc.) - you break a sweat and focus on building up your core.
I like to do bodyweight circuits...quick and effective and great fat burners!
direct tv's total body scuplt with gilad on fit tv, channel 261
If I'm really strapped for time I'll do some Tabata Intervals - full on intensity with minimal rest. You can get a pretty killer workout in less than twenty minutes
i would pick, lifting weights
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