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What's the best time to eat when exercising?

Posted by Be Well

What's the best time to eat when exercising?
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Some people argue it's best to exercise on an empty stomach, such as first thing in the morning before breakfast. This forces the body to use excess fat as energy. However, it can also cause tiredness and weakness if your body doesn't have enough energy to perform properly. You'll probably end up stopping sooner than if you'd topped up your glucose levels with a high energy snack or meal a couple of hours beforehand.

The best time to eat is about two hours before you exercise. Straight after a meal your body is busy digesting the food - it can't pump blood around the body at the fast rate needed for exercise and you'll get tired more quickly.

To keep your energy levels high throughout the day, try eating five or six small meals rather than three larger ones. If you need a quick energy boost before exercise, try eating a carbohydrate-based snack about 15 minutes before you start. A cereal bar, banana or small sandwich are good choices.

Thinking about when to eat before you exercise is important, but don't forget to top up your energy supplies when you get home. For the first two hours after exercise, the muscles can refuel their energy stores twice as fast as normal, rather than turning extra calories into fat. Fill up on a carbohydrate-based meal such as a baked potato with grilled fish and vegetables as soon as possible after your workout.

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