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What’s that you said? I couldnt hear you!

Posted Oct 07 2008 8:11pm

This week’s tip is an obvious one.

One which, in my opinion, we should all practice on a daily basis.

A tip/notion which I was slow to learn in life and one *big* way in which I hope you (the royal. the Bumbling Band) are not at all like I am.

My tip? Dont take no for an answer.

(I told you it was obvious.)

For me the path to not taking no has been a long & circuitous one.

It started with the baby-step of not taking a no from someone who didnt have the ability to give me a yes (hello, front desk manager at Holiday Inn!) & wove its way around to finally produce the tenacious MizFit you see (on Mondays at least) before you.

The shift, in fact, was almost imperceptible.

A change I barely realized had occurred until I noticed that my *answers* to numerous emails (*waves at Bumbling Band*) were all entirely the same.

How did you get a magazine column?

How did you get xyz freebie from xyz company?

How did you get the advice columns you write to be published in a newspaper?

How did you get Person Z to do a guest post?

How did you get (and I jest not) your Renaissance Man to watch your daughter in the morning so that you could work out?

The answer to all of those questions: I refused to take no for an answer.

I didnt let NO be an option (yes, this includes the last question. All delicately negotiated of course and with reciprocity involved but a wouldnt take a no none the less).

I was persistent.

The advice columns one freelance writer inquired about? Two years worth of no’s to get to my YES!

Each time I was told NO I stepped back, examined the reasoning behind the negative response, and figured out a way to overcome the objections. I didnt let the no deter me from what I really wanted to (and knew I could) do.

The freebies manymany bloggers ask me how I procure? Most times the initial response to my request for a product give away is a curt: NO THANKS!

(or the ever popular NO RESPONSE)

It takes a great deal of research/work, after the initial We’ll pass! (or silence) from a company, to show them that not only will the donation benefit them but that I’m not one to easily give up.

Sometimes I think that companies (& businesses and *life* ) tell us no simply to see if we’re persistent enough to *return* again & again.

Were I to respond with an “oh, ok.” each time I received that “no, no way” from companies we’d never have a freebie up in herre!

Bottom line? If you truly believe in yourself & desire something you cant allow one (or thirty) no(s) to cause you to give up or quit.

As I said in the beginning of this post, it’s an obvious lesson yet one which people do the complete opposite of on a daily basis.

Individuals start excitedly down a path toward their goal—whatever the goal may be— and STOP at the first pothole or NO they encounter.

That’s my challenge for you: what will you NOT take no as an answer for this week?

Where will you be persistent in the face of “nah, no thanks!” where you previously might have been convinced to give up?

Me? (thanks for asking)

I like to always have at least one “seriously, People, you have no clue what you’re turning down & I’m so gonna keep coming back until you have your Ah Ha! moment of needing what Im offering!” out in the world at all times.

Currently it’s between MizFit and a certain magazine.

I think they want me to write a monthly MizFit column.

Them? NotSoMuch.

(no worries. they’ll have their epiphany in due time…)

That’s me. You?

Please to ponder & hit us up in the comments.

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