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What makes a good spin class?

Posted Jun 10 2011 11:23pm
Today was the last day of my rotation! Yay! I am certainly glad not to have to get up at 6am anymore. After my last day in Wilmington, I came home and snuggled into my couch to watch today's taped episode of The Talk. I found the strength to get up and go to spinning at the new gym I've been going to.

I've been in love with an spinning studio that I have been going to recently. They charge for each ride (well worth it)...but since spinning is included in the new gym that I have been attending so I wanted to check out their class.

The class was interesting. There are a ton of bikes in the room, but there were about 10 people in the class (I guess most people have better things to do on a Friday night). The music was basically all one long techno-ish song...which I am normally not into. But it wasn't bad. When we started the class, the instructor turned off the lights and blacklights were turned on. My sneakers and sweat towels were glowing bright white in an almost completely dark room. It was really cool, but I got a little disoriented during the class. I felt like the handle bars were moving when they weren't...maybe I should have been drinking more water. The class made me sweat a ton too...which I'm not sure if was because I rushed there and arrived right before class started, because I was working hard, or because there were no windows or fans....ventilation seemed to be lacking a little bit. The instructor, Robby, was nice and really enthusiastic.
When I look at a spinning class...these are the things I like to see.
1) Quality BikesThe bikes today were good, but once I started using the bikes at Body Cycle Studio (which use magnetic technology to add resistance as well as computer screens that tell you how fast and far you are going) it was hard to go back to "standard" spin bikes. The bikes today were high in quality, and they were the regular knob turning bikes.
The Sporting Club Bikes

Body Cycle Studio Bike
2) An enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructorNot all instructors are for everyone. I like someone who is nice, enthusiastic, and connects with me and the other riders. I want someone to call me out (not in a bad way at all)...but in a motivating way to help me get the most out of my 45 minutes on the bike. I like creativity in the class as well. I definitely don't want to sit through the same class, with the same songs and types of intervals over and over again. Who wants to get bored and do the same 3 things over and over? Not me!
3) A good play listI like to hear good songs during my ride. A combination of old favorites and new hits are perfect. There is no better surprise than when one of your favorite jams comes on the play list during a class...I sometimes feel extra cool for knowing and loving the song. I don't however, like classes that are straight out of my iPod play lists. I am not very creative with workout music...and if I wanted to hear the same old songs over and over I'd put on my ear buds and ride a bike with the cardio equipment...not take a class. Variety is the spice of life....and I like my spinning with some Rhianna, Boyz II Men, and Eminem.
4) Certain amenitiesI am not too picky, but certain amenities in the studio are really nice and convenient to have. I really like it when they have towels there ready for you to use, because I don't like to bring my own. It's just more for me to carry around and more to wash later on. Trust me, I have enough laundry as it is! Working out really increases your dirty clothes significantly.
I also like it when studios have a filtered water machine. I've recently been seeing these pop up in gyms, and they are fantastic. It has three buttons for filtered water at cold temperatures, room temperature, and hot temperatures. I always being a reusable water bottle, so with these filters, I can bring one and refill it as opposed to filling up a few and loading down my bag. I also don't like to bring water bottles because I am paranoid that one of them are going to leak and my cameras, phone, iPad, etc are going to be wet and ruined. I can keep track of one by holding it or putting it in an outside pocket which is really manageable. Cold, filtered water without having to pay $2 for a bottle that isn't reusable....sounds great to me.

5) Being able to sign up for classesAt Body Cycle Studio, where you pays per ride, you can sign up online for classes up to 2 weeks ahead of time and can cancel anytime until 8 hours before the start of the class. I really liked this because it made me get my butt up and get to class...I didn't want to waste the $10 or so that the ride cost me!
In the gym I tried out today, spinning is free to all members, so they don't have an online sign up. It probably wouldn't keep people accountable even if they did because if you didn't show up you wouldn't be penalized, yet you would have taken that bike away from someone else. I was told when I joined that you can save a bike for yourself by signing a chart at the front desk 45 minutes before class starts. That way they know you are definitely there and intend to take the class...and you can do something else around the gym before the start of the class. Not a bad system.
So there you have it...the pros and cons according to Shannon.
Dinner tonight - Chicken salad sandwiches on Arnold's multi grain sandwich thins, leftover whole wheat stuffing, and soy sauce green beans. Joey also twisted my arm into getting some I am very full.
I made tonight's chicken salad with actual fresh chicken instead of the prepackaged grilled strips that are easy and convenient. I actually wanted to make it with the strips, but when I walked in from the gym Joe was already boiling some fresh chicken, so we went with it. It did taste great, but honestly not necessarily better than the convenient chicken in the blue box.

To bed for me! I know it's a Friday night at 11:15...but I need some rest to recover from week of rotation (I hear some violins...haha) poor pharmacy student had to do one week of work! Oh no! Full day of plans tomorrow.
What do you guys look for in a spinning class? Do you prefer more of a work out atmosphere or more of a real cycling simulation indoors.

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