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What kind of workout did everyone do today??

Posted by Kodjoworkout

I did some strength training routine this Saturday morning. What did you do. Here was my routine

1-Jumping Jacks (35 sec)
2-Burpees (35 sec)
3-Barbell Curls (35 sec)
4-High Knees (35 sec)
5-Side Plank | Left (35 sec)
6-Side Plank | Right (35 sec)
7-Bear Walk (35 sec)

I took 15 sec rest between each set, and repeated the entire routine 3 more times for a total of 4X!

Tell me what you did today? 

Answers (2)
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I did jogging  for almost an hour today, and also walked the treadmill for 30 minutes and thought of incorporating cycling when weather get warmer .

I did the muscle confusion workout. Click on the link to see it, you can also download it and try it yourself! Have fun!
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