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What is your definition of balanced diet?

Posted Dec 06 2008 1:01pm

"It is better to know nothing than to keep in mind fixed ideas based on theories whose confirmation we constantly seek, neglecting meanwhile everything that fails to agree with them." -- Claude Bernard



What is your definition of balanced diet?

Is it what the FDA, ADA, USDA -the experts - tell you is balanced?

Or is it what makes you feel best, regardless of the ratios of protein:fat:carbohydrates that you consume?

If your body responds best to a low carb, high protein, high (quality) fat diet, and this diet cultivates health (read: absence of disease, consistent energy, muscle maintenance, fat loss, sense of satiety, healthy blood work and a sense of well-being), the diet is balanced for you, even if it deviates from what's considered "normal."

Let me say that again:

If a diet plan you follow cultivates and sustains "health" in the purest sense, the diet is balanced, regardless of what the experts tell you.

This is important to realize when living in a world where medical "experts" give out nutrition advice (most notably "Follow a diet that's low fat and fiber/complex carbohydrate-rich. . .") that is out-dated, poorly researched and, oftentimes, ignoring scientific studies and anecdotal evidence that refutes it! In an ironic twist, these same experts, consuming the "healthy, balanced diets" they preach, struggle to maintain their own health.

For your benefit, focus more on the type and quality of food you get off the land - and the way you feel after eating it - as opposed to focusing on whether or not you're following the guidelines for "balanced nutrition" as determined by health officials.


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