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What Is The Beachbody Success Club

Posted Dec 13 2009 12:00am
Dec 13

Hey, Carl Daikeler recently announced on his blog, the latest PERK/BONUS/INCENTIVE that Team offers each to help as many people who are ready, to make the change in their health and fitness through the Beachbody lifestyle in 2010! Check this out…

People who sign up to be Team Beachbody Coaches are becoming the “CEO” of their own health and fitness business. My goal is to motivate a million people to do just that, and turn around the health care crisis by sheer volume and enthusiasm of those CEO’s across the country talking up the Team Beachbody mission. But it will take leaders who step-up consistently to be successful.

We’ll be able to tell who’s leading by the new monthly metric that will highlight those who are tapping into the Game Plan strategy, and that metric is called “the Success Club“, a monthly assessment of who is recruiting new coaches and who is retailing on monthly auto-ship (Home Direct).

Your goal is to get in the success club by scoring enough points, and stay in the club from month to month.
String together a winning streak of 9 months in a row, and you earn your way onto the coach trip! That’s how every Coach regardless of rank and tenure, can earn two tickets to our annual Coach trip.
All qualified Coaches who have strung together 9 consecutive months in the Success Club in 2010 will be heading to the next amazing Coach destination with a guest.
Prior trips included Maui, Cancun, and this spring we’re all headed to the “Garden Isle” of Kauai, HI! Where will we go next. I don’t know – but I want it to be off the hook!

There is no limit on the number of qualifiers, and that means you can get your whole team on the trip! There will be first-class recognition at all corporate events, in the newsletters and online office… the works!

Being a member of the Success Club means consistently following the , and in turn, consistently growing the business – YOUR business!

Here’s how I know that the coaches who use the Game Plan are the ones most likely to be in the Success Club and on the trip: In November, the coaches who purchased the Game Plan’s 3rd party tools like the “Decide” DVD, “The Invitation”, and “The Beachbody Solution”, outperformed the rest of the coaches – including some of our founding coaches, by TEN TIMES! That’s how I know who the leaders are – the monthly numbers tell the story.

Here’s what you need to do to get into the club: Earn at least 5 Points a month.

> You get 2 points for each new Personally Sponsored Coach enrolled with a Home Direct order(s) of 90 PV or more.
> You get 1 point for any new customer Home Direct order(s) of 90 PV or more.

Get five points to get into the club for 9 consecutive months, and you go on the trip! And there are two levels of success club:

• You and a guest go on the next luxurious (and tropical) Coach trip!
• Airfare/transportation reimbursement up to $500
• First-class recognition at events, etc.

To get into Success Club 5 you need to earn 5 points a month for 9 consecutive months in 2010 (goes up to a full 12 months in 2011) and you must be enrolled with a Home Direct order(s) totaling a minimum of 90 PV (i.e., Shakeology) for every qualification month.

All the above, but extra recognition, Airfare/transportation reimbursement up to $1,000, plus i will personally give you a high five!

To get into “Success Club 10″ you need to earn 10 points a month for 9 consecutive months in 2010 (goes up to 12 months in 2011), plus the rest of the rules on the official rules/regs page.

Qualification starts with results starting January 1st, 2010. There will be more bells and whistles added as we get more creative, but for now – get familiar with the Game Plan, get those third party tools, and build your business!

For official rules and regs, check the back office. But in the meantime, if you are serious about wanting to generate income out of the business and you want to enjoy the “inner circle” benefits of being in the Success Club, learn the Game Plan and work the plan!

Being a just continues to get better! I know Carl Daikeler has more exciting announcements in 2010 including new home fitness workouts that’ll continue to attract people who are looking to change their lives through exercise at home!

Come learn more about being a Beachbody Coach.


Remember, I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and not a Beachbody corporate employee. I will receive a commission if you buy through my site but I would rather you become a Beachbody Coach, get the 25% discount off all Beachbody products and join the Home Fitness Revolution!

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