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What is Good Bacteria?

Posted Jan 28 2011 10:43pm
What is Good Bacteria?

What is Good Bacteria

There is lots of confusion about bacteria in our body and what is good bacteria. We all seem to avoid bacteria in our lives and this is usually a good idea although it is also good to make sure that we are not being crazy avoiding bad bacteria.

There is also another type of bacteria, good bacteria and some people call this probiotic, that is a great thing for your body. Quite often before people go away on holidays to Mexico they will take good bacteria like Acidophilus. Also many people that go on a cleanse wipe out all the good bacteria in their body and it is a good idea to reintroduce good bacteria.

Good bacteria benefit the human body in so many ways. Briefly summarized, they:

Again, a proper balance of friendly bacteria is essential for optimal health and a good digestive system. An imbalance may make the body susceptible to such ailments as digestive problems, skin problems, acne, reduced immunity, arthritis, liver and gallbladder problems, failing memory, hypertension, fatigue, and migraine headaches, to name just a few.

Many people think the only reason to take lactobacillus acidophilus as a supplement is if they have some type of bowel or digestive problem. The truth is the friendly bacteria in your bowels have some far-reaching effects you’ve probably never dreamed of. These hard-working organisms produce a variety of substances that can prevent cancerous tumors, inactivate viruses, produce natural antibodies and vitamins, and reduce cholesterol. New research has linked theses bacteria with even more wonders.

A final note on “gardening”. Keep in mind that lactobacilli acidophilus are living organisms, and as a result they are highly susceptible to dying off and losing their effectiveness. Most cultures you purchase need to be kept refrigerated or frozen to maintain their viability. There are some brands that do not have to be refrigerated (which is convenient when traveling), and they activate in the gut. They should be taken on an empty stomach 20 to 40 minutes before meals when your digestive acids and juices are not being produced in large quantities. I suggest taking these living organisms first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so it coats the intestinal tract.

Oh yes, you will need to forgo your morning cup of coffee because it will destroy all the good bacteria in your intestinal system.

I know that this may be a lot to take in but what is good bacteria is a good question to ask.

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