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What Is Degenerative Arthritis

Posted Oct 19 2011 12:32am

Degenerative arthritis is also known as Osteoarthritis, and is a form of arthritis caused by the breakdown of cartilage of one or more joints. Cartilage is the dense connective tissue that protects the joint between bones and serves as a cushion to keep bones from rubbing together.

According to the data present more than 20 million Americans suffer from degenerative arthritis. It is also possible, according to the experts that this number will double or triple in the coming ten years when the baby boomers of today become older.

Aging is the main reason for getting degenerative arthritis. As a matter of fact women above the age of 55 and men more than 45 years of age are susceptible to this kind of arthritis. Race does not have any impact on this condition but more women seem to suffer from degenerative arthritis especially in America.

Degenerative arthritis typically affects the hands, feet, spine, and large weight-bearing joints including the hips and knees.

Primary and secondary are the two kinds of degenerative arthritis. When a person suffers from degenerative arthritis owing to age and deterioration of cartilage then it is termed as primary. There is pain swelling as well as inflammation in the joint due to the complete breakdown of the cartilage leading to chafing between the bones.

Secondary degenerative arthritis is caused by another disease or condition. The most common diseases that can lead to degenerative arthritis include goutand hormone disorders. Conditions that can lead to degenerative arthritis include obesity, congenital abnormalities, and repeated trauma or surgery to the joint structures.

It is only the joints and no other part of the body is affected by degenerative arthritis. When there is pain in the joint with redness and inflammation, there are chances that you are suffering from degenerative arthritis.

As a matter of fact signs of degenerative arthritis may differ from person to person and some may get incapacitated by the symptoms and others may not suffer as much. It is possible that you get the symptoms daily or once in a while.

As per now no particular treatment for degenerative arthritis has been found. There are some things which can give relief to people like , rest, exercise, some medicines as well as different types of therapy. There are different ways of taking medicines. You can apply it, take it orally or even take shots if the pain and inflammation becomes very severe.

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