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What is calorie shifting? How to eat calorie shifting

Posted May 14 2009 4:39pm

If you want to lose weight fast while keeping your junk food buddies close to you, then calorie shifting dieting is ideal for you. With calorie shifting, you don’t need to keep eating the same types of foods day after day.

You can lose weight by eating different foods on different days, and those foods could range from low-calorie to high-calorie foods. Now, if you are wondering how you could possibly lose weight with such a diet, read on to find out the answer.

To give you an idea of how fast you can lose weight with the help of calorie shifting diet, let me tell you that you can shed as much as seven pounds every week; compare this with a low calorie diet with which you can lose no more than 2 pounds per week.

What is calorie shifting?

With calorie shifting method, you would be eating low calorie meals one day and have a high calorie diet on the very next day. Or if you want, you can even have a combination of low-calorie and high-calorie foods in your daily diet.

This way, your body is kept guessing your calorie intake level and consequently, it keeps the metabolic rate high at all times just to be on safe side. If on one day, you happen to have an unusually high-calorie intake, it would be difficult for your body to burn those high-calorie foods with a low metabolic rate, and the opposite is equally true.

Since your metabolic rate always remains at a high level, you are bound to lose weight very fast.

Obviously, the high calorie foods are usually junk foods, while the low calorie foods are natural fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fishes, etc. With such a rich diet, you are very unlikely to become bored, ever.

How to eat calorie shifting

The calorie shifting dieting method also requires that you eat small meals at regular intervals. You simply need to break your present large-sized meals into five or six small-sized ones, and have each of these meals every two or three hours. Spacing out the meals this way would help keep your calorie intake at the desired level, thus ensuing that you get rid of the extra flab quickly and easily.

The calorie shifting dieting also recommends that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

In short, the calorie shifting dieting focuses more on the type and quality of the foods you eat and less on your daily calorie intake level. Think about it: if you consume a lot of burgers regularly, you will gain weight, and even if you eat only low-calorie salads of the same quantity, you are not going to keep the weight away permanently either. However, combine the two, along with a healthy dose of protein intake in the form of lean chicken meat and eggs, and you have got the perfect recipe for quick weight loss.

One diet that is built on Calorie Shifting is Fat Loss for Idiots.

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