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What If You Were Losing The Worst Kind of Body Weight?

Posted Dec 04 2011 4:35am

Would you be alarmed if I mentioned to you that not only is the fitness program you’re on causing you to lose the wrong type of weight… but… it’s actually causing your body to put on more fat.

I think you would probably think I was crazy or full of nonsense.

But I hate to tell you that 8 to even 9 out of 10 women are adding body fat to their body. They are working really hard but just becoming what I call skinny fat.

The Solution is to Lose Body Fat

Have you ever thought about what really is? I mean look at it like this… you body consists of mostly water, organs, bones, fat, muscle. Each has a weight. And you need to learn to lose the right type of weight. For whatever reason running has become the first thing people think about.

However, running does not build lean muscle mass.

Because you are neglecting to , your bodys metabolism remains the same. You are losing calories when you are in the actual act of running, but when you finish, you stop burning calories.

After a good run you rush off to go eat and refill you energy levels. It’s quite possible that you are over eating because your so hungry and guess what’s going to happen with those extra calories you body doesn’t need at this moment?

They get stored as fat because that’s what happens to extra calories.

So when it comes to running unless you continue to run and run and continue to go farther and farther, it’s quite likely that you’re body will continue to store fat. Remember that the goal is to lose body fat.

Lean muscle mass can eat fat for energy.

One of the best and fastest ways to lose body fat is to lift weights. Even for women, when you lift weights you cause your muscles to grow. And when your muscles grow, they need energy to do so. And that energy comes in the form of your stored energy or your fat. And when you eat just a little less calories in your diet, you force your muscles to tap into those fat stores.

This simple methodology will help you destroy all of your excess body fat. Of course this was just an overview and there are some more details to make sure this works for you… but… it can work and it can work in just a couple months.

I highly recommend that you learn more about weight lifting for women and how to maintain results like these over the long term.

Taylor Ryan is a NASM certified personal trainer and certified strength coach. She training exclusively with women to teach proper womens workout exercises. She also has the first online womens fitness training site to help you get moving in the right direction fast.

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