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What does natural fog have in common with brain fog?

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:43pm

Fog Bridge Depending on where you live you may be more familiar with fog more so than others. Fog is created when a cloud comes in contact with the ground. For those of us that have ever attempted to drive in foggy conditions we recall how diminished our visibility was. Leaving us to feel we can barely see beyond the extent of our nose.

We typically cut on the headlights (maybe even the high beams), tend to be more cautious at intersections and wonder if the traffic light ahead is green or red. Who can really tell? What we know for sure is that fog minimizes our ability to function as freely as we would like. Ultimately, we end up feeling slightly uncertain of what our next move should be.

In addition, requiring us to take additional time to do things that are usually simple and routine. We ultimately feel as though the fog is a hindrance to us getting things done in a safe, timely and productive manner.

While fog exists in nature, it can also exist in the brain. Ever heard of brain fog? It is actually common. Affecting thousands of adults and children. Like fog on the roadways, brain fog (also called mental clouding) reduces your visibility or clarity of mind. Brain fog has been described as a state of confusion or quite simply lack of clarity.  Causing many to become forgetful, detached, discouraged and/or depressed.

While brain fog is common, it is not a recognized diagnosis, either in medicine or in psychology.

Yet for those struggling with bouts or extended periods of brain fog are aware, it causes poor mental functioning. It contributes to diminished productivity at work (or school), accidents, unhappy relationships, reduced rational thinking, and even low self-esteem in some.

Brain fog can have many causes - physical, biochemical, emotional, and in some cases even spiritual. A close friend of mine recently shared her brain fog story and a product that helped her ditch the fog. It made me think there is surely someone in our FSL community that could benefit from some brain fog relief. Brain Fog

If you feel a bit of brain fog is slowing you down then you should consider trying brain toniq . Called the world’s first non-caffeinated “clean and intelligent think drink”, botanically based, specifically designed to increase mental focus and clarity. It also passed the taste test. Flavored with citrus extracts, slightly carbonated, and sweetened with 100% organic agave nectar. Good news - based on my friend’s positive report, you should begin to feel the effects within minutes. (We are so excited about the benefits of the brain toniq beverage that we have allowed them to become a  “Friend of Fresh Squeezed Living.)

Remember to let me know how the brain toniq product works for you as well. Hoping the fog clears up soon for you.


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