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It’s amazing what you can find out about the body and it’s needs. I was reading about metal colloid’s recently and found that I really didn’t know much about it at all until I started digging a bit. I definitely didn’t know that it can be used as a dietary supplement.

Apparently, smaller concentrations of consumed colloidal silver have been used to kill numerous infectious bacteria and in the early 1900’s was used by physicians as an antibiotic.

Compounds of silver have a long history in medicine. Being manufactured by pharmaceutical companies under several different names, the colloidal silver material was found to be far too costly and instead the pharmaceutical industry developed much less expensive sulphate drugs and penicillin.

Metal colloids are today used as dietary supplements too, which provide the body with minerals necessary to maintain optimum health. Basic functions of minerals in the body are used for building and regulatingand affect the soft tissues, i.e. ligaments, muscles, tendons and the skeleton. Minerals also regulate bodily functions such as the heartbeat, nerve response, transport of oxygen to the body’s tissues, blood clotting, and the internal pressure of bodily fluids.

True colloidal silver or mesosilver as its called, fights pathogens and other bacteria in the bloodstream. The effectiveness of silver particles that circulate in the bloodstream is to a greater extent determined by the particle surface area that comes into contact with pathogen bacteria. High particle colloids like mesosilver have a majority of their silver content contained within the silver particles. For example - the cavities of the sinus when filled, effectively brings the mesosivler into contact with the pathogen bacteria that cause sinus infection as well as influenza and eliminates it.

There’s also liquid colloidal silver, which can eliminate antibiotic treatments and while it has been named the ‘miracle elixir’, there are still ongoing discussions as to it’s long-term health advantages.

Silver in many forms has been used for hundreds of years as both a medicine and preservative by many cultures around the world. Apart from the cost many of the silver products available should, with present day technology not contain toxic forms of silver salts or very large particles of silver.

Whatever your choice is, it’s a fascinating subject and one worth reading up on and finding out more. You are reading this article of your own free will and as it’s provided only on an informational basis - please do your own research. As always you are responsible for your own well being - therefore before taking any new supplement, vitamin, preparation or medicine please do consult with your physician.

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