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What Do Aura Colours Mean?

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:01am
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If you are going to get a colour analysis, you should always seek out a trained and experienced aura imaging therapist. The colours in your aura provide you with an alternative for understanding your emotions energy processes, consciousness, and your inner self. Your colour analysis may point to potential medical problems, if this is the case you should seek trained medical help.

In analysing an aura color image there are eight parts of the body that should be studied;

1. The area around the head is referred to as the centre, is best explained as what you experience now for yourself, it is often the colour that best describes you.

2. The right side, the color on the right side of an aura photo is traditionally the energy being expressed, it is the energy that you are putting out the world.

3. The left side, the color on the left side of an aura photo is the energy coming into your body.

4. Throat. The colour of the aura around the throat represents the energy that the person is expressing verbally, if the energy around this area appears to be flowing well, it may be that the person easily expresses their feelings and thoughts.

5. The Heart Area. The colour of the aura around your heart represents the energies that you are feeling both about yourself and about others, this is your love and compassion centre and is also the centre of your connection to the universe.

6. Solar Plexus. The aura colour around the solar plexus is associated with the central vibrations of being, and also with money and power. This is also your self-esteem centre.

7. The reproductive area, this energy centre of the body is about creativity, sociability, and sensuality. When the energy in this area is balanced, that person will probably have a healthy positive attitude towards love.

8. The Root Area. The colour of the aura energy in this area represents material reality, and the physical plane. People who succeed or who are trying to succeed would do well to focus their energy here. The root area is also considered as the source of ego development.

Each of these eight color areas has a range of 21 different colors, ranging from ultraviolet through to infrared. These 21 different colors each has different meanings depending on the area of the body they are associated with. The color analysis forms a blueprint of how the various colors can and, in most cases, should be viewed.

It is advisable to consult a professional if you would like a full and comprehensive analysis of your aura colour image.

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