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What Causes Arthritis And How Do I Know If I Am Suffering From It?

Posted Mar 23 2010 10:44pm
Arthritis is an highly distressing condition that has effects on many folks through the planet. It causes joint swelling, which in several cases is a source of discomfort that’s just about insufferable. Though arthritis can be managed, there’s no treatment for this condition as of yet.

There are many risk factors that make one at the mercy of arthritis. Though doctors have known about these risk factors for a few years, many patients aren’t mindful of them. By becoming conscious of arthritis risk factors, you can take the required cares to avoid having to suffer at the hands of this painful condition.

Medical pros have identified 4 main risk factors of arthritis which they have regarded as non-modifiable. This implies that it’s not possible to switch these risk factors. The 4 risk factors that can’t be modified are sex, age, ethnicity, and genetics.

Gender is one of the most common, but unexpected risk factors of arthritis. It is a well known fact that more women than men are affected by arthritis. Additionally, women are more likely to be affected by a variety of forms of arthritis. Although men are not completely immune, arthritis is much more commonly seen in women.

Age is an arthritis risk factor that comes as barely a surprise to the majority. The chance of developing arthritis increases with age. This is particularly true for osteoarthritis. Usually arthritis risk increases dramatically after the age of 40.

Ethnicity is another non-modifiable risk factor of arthritis. Though this risk is relatively minor, experts have still seen some correlations between ethnicity and the development of arthritis. The fourth risk factor is genetics. Certain inherited genes have been shown to increase arthritis risk. More research needs to be completed to determine how ethnicity and genetics are related to arthritis.

You know that there are some risk factors of arthritis that can’t be modified, without regard for what you do. However, there are more risk factors that you can change to ward off the development of arthritis.

One such risk factor is obesity. Excess weight can increase the chance of developing arthritis in the knees, hips, and hands. Weight is particularly a risk factor for girls. Even a trifling ten pounds can boost your risk of developing arthritis.

Two other non-modifiable risk factors are joint damage and infection. Any kind of injury or infection that impacts on the joints has the potential to fire redness. Occupation also becomes a risk factor, because work-related stress can regularly lead to arthritis.

Knowing the risk factors of arthritis will ensure that you are thinking of ways to prevent the onset of this condition before it actually happens. Although certain non-modifiable risk factors cannot be changed, other risk factors can be changed to put the odds of being affected by arthritis in your favor.

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