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What are the best yoga postures for preventing wrinkles? Anyone?

Posted by sheryl w.

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ALL of Them!. Funny you should ask this, because I finished a four-day yoga teacher training and was amazed at how my skin looked afterwards. I swear I look younger! The vertical frown lines forming on my forehead were also greatly diminished. I think two things can happen: One, you relax more and don't hold stress in your face so much. Two, yoga helps with overall circulation (including the lymph) so this may improve overall skin tone and appearance.
IMHO.... I think the Savasana (corpse pose) is great for relaxing the face, because it requires that you simply let go. Tight spots slacken and you loosen your grip on holding patterns that perhaps contribute to the aging process. Now, I have no evidence that this is a proven wrinkle fighter, but I always notice how relaxed and fresh I look after five minutes of this pose. It's the kind of relaxation that equals an entire night of beauty sleep because you are actually conscious of what's going on in your body.
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