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What’s Your Go-To Food To Bring To Potlucks/Barbecues? [Happy 4th of July! or Happy Thursday!]

Posted Jul 04 2013 12:50am

So I tried really hard to find you guys a funny 4th of July picture. Pages of Google later all I’d come up with were ecards about not combining booze and fireworks, pictures of girls with their boobs painted to look like flags and a whole bunch of political jokes ranging from mildly offensive to massively offensive. Oh and a cat shaved and then painted to look like a flag. I’m not even going to speculate what that says about us as a country. So instead you get this:


Because how cute are these strawberries and how insanely easy would these be to make? If I’d found this before 11 p.m. on July 3rd, I’d have totally got me some white chocolate and blue sprinkles and made a batch or two up. Even I wouldn’t be able to screw this recipe up (probably). As it is all I’m taking to our new friends’ barbecue is a fruit salad. Because that’s my go-to food for potlucks. So boring. But nutritious and delicious. (It used to be kale chips until I realized that I was the only one eating them and the reason they were disappearing so quickly was because all the kids were crumbling them on my host’s white sofa to make “confetti”.)

Anyhow, today the fam and I are celebrating our nation’s independence by spending an entire day non-independently running a 5K fun run, going to a pancake breakfast at our church, participating in a neighborhood parade, heading over to a friend’s house and then (if the kids aren’t too pooped to pop) watching some fireworks and praying for no more forest fires.

To all my US readers: Happy 4th of July! Do you have a fun red-white-and-blue recipe? What’s your go-to food to take to barbecues/picnics/summer parties?

To all my other readers who are still living through the fourth day of July but don’t have a reason to celebrate it: Happy… Thursday! And feel free to share your fave easy recipe for taking to a barbecue!

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