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Wellness and Weight loss: How They Go Hand in Hand

Posted Oct 12 2011 3:00am

Wellness means feeling good about yourself, confident in what you are doing and comfortable in your space while presenting a healthy air about yourself. Carrying around extra weight can lead you to feel just the opposite of the feelings listed above. Although I have not been able to pinpoint one, inexplicable meaning of wellness, when you hear the word, you get a sense of its meaning and whether or not it fits on you.

Achieving your weight loss goals can help you to move closer to a state of well-being and in turn help you to achieve a great sense of wellness. It’s kind of a catch-all term right now, everyone seems to use it when they are describing their programs but no one, it seems, can really pinpoint a definition.

I suppose that’s because wellness is more of a feeling, a state that you achieve. Losing weight and getting closer to your goal weight and a better level of health helps you to in turn achieve a greater sense of wellness. Some will argue that you can still be healthy and be overweight. My opinion is that you are only healthy until your system begins to rebel against the extra weight you are carrying around, then you begin to realize that something must be done.

Now I know that everyone isn’t a size 3 or even a 6 and no one has a perfect body fat percentage or body mass index. However, I do honestly believe that you can carry too much weight for your system to handle, that’s when problems set in.

I totally agree with self-acceptance and learning to love your body with all its flaws, Lord knows I have my own, but everything and everyone has a limit. My job is not to tell you where your limit is but to help you achieve optimum health and wellness to a point where you are truly comfortable and all your systems are as normal as possible. Since every person is unique, everybody has a different optimum functioning level. So it’s really all experimentation; you and me working together to find out what works for you. I can’t tell you when, but you will know. After all, it’s your body.

In conclusion, losing weight and accomplishing your goal makes you feel empowered because you did what you set out to do. Now you feel like you can do anything. You feel successful. Feeling successful and empowered leads you to do more to help yourself achieve and maintain optimum wellness.

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