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Weight Loss for Middle Aged Women – Your Body Is Changing, Your Dieting Methods Should Change Too

Posted Mar 25 2010 10:04pm
If you are a woman in your 40’s and 50’s you know that the dieting techniques that used to work great for you when you were in your 20’s don’t give you the same results now. As your body changes your approach to weight loss will have to change too.

There are many reasons for this such as changing lifestyle and metabolism. These can make achieving and maintaining your ideal weight more difficult than it once was.

Body Condition

1. When you have reached 40 or more, your body will begin to replace muscle with fat; fat burns less calories than muscle does and this will lead to slower metabolism. Reaching menopausal period sometimes also cause hormonal imbalance; these two factors can lead to weight gain and difficulties when trying to lose weight.

2. As your body ages it has a tougher time burning carbohydrates. This means you should change your eating habits. The problem is that if you’re still preparing meals for your family they might not want to change their eating habits which can make it more difficult for you to eat the way you should be eating.


1. As we age it’s all too easy to start to slack off on physical activity. The less we do the less we are able to do and it becomes a vicious cycle. Lack of exercise can be a major cause of weight gain.

2. In your 50s, your kids probably have grown up and can take care of themselves or you have retired from work which means more free time. This condition tends to make you eat more than usual.

If you have realized that you can’t depend on the old ways anymore to maintain or lose weight, it is time to make some adjustments on your weight control efforts:

1. Don’t eat processed and pre-packaged foods, especially diet soda which is loaded with addictive artificial sweeteners.

2. Get moving. If you’ve been inactive for a period of time it can be difficult and overwhelming to start a physical fitness routine, but it doesn’t have to be. Something as simple as a daily walk can help you keep your lean muscle mass while losing fat. After you’ve gotten back into the swing of things turn things up a notch and try something a little more aerobic such as a dance class, or swimming.

3. If you have been eat at three big meals up until now, it is time to switch into at least five small meals; large meal will release lots of insulin in the blood and slower your metabolism. With less insulin in the blood, you will burn more calories and this is good if you are trying to lose weight.

4. In your 40’s and beyond your metabolism is slower, that’s a fact of life. Because of this it’s important to cut your caloric intake. You simply can’t keep eating as much as you used to and expect not to gain weight. When you cut back on calories make sure to cut carbohydrates as well. Find a food plan that is heavy on fruits and vegetables.

5. Sleep for eight hours is sufficient, less than that and you will have more chances of being overweight.

6. Reduce high fat food consumption, increase fiber content, and maintain adequate water intake.

Most women on menopausal period will have weight problem as well. When dealing with this problem, remember that some of your old diet technique will not works due to difference in your condition; the most important things is keep exercising and watch your daily calorie intake.

With those points in mind, visit Stefan Vincent’s “how to select the best diet” at Diets that work and check his list of weight loss program to find one that suit your need.

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