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Weight loss – 3 things that cause it?

Posted Apr 01 2008 4:25pm
So you’ve been sweating away in the gym for one whole week now and the weight isn’t exactly stripping off…..why must weight loss take so much time? Why can’t it just all fall off in a week?

It’d save on gym fees…

There are of course more at play when it comes to weight loss than simply sweating it out in the gym.

I came across 3 things that cause weight loss today from dietbites I thought you might like.

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Reduction of calories in the daily diet results in weight loss – but only when the calories are reduced sufficiently below the body’s required daily calories (energy).
Weight loss occurs through activity – but only after daily calories have been met by the body. After this point, excess calories have the potential to be expended via activity OR from the stored energy which is pulled from the fat cells – thus triggering weight loss.
Expended Water Retention – Have you ever hopped onto the scales a few days after you’ve enjoyed an extra salty meal to find that you actually weigh 3 pounds or more lighter? Sodium is King when it comes to retaining water and it generally takes from 2 – 4 days for the effects to vanish, given the fact that an individual has winged themselves off of the salt shaker OR has greatly cut back
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