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Weeks 1 & 2 Update

Posted Jan 25 2010 12:00am

So, it has been one week and 3 days since I started my program. Here’s how I’m doing:

Week 1 I followed every thing I specified, except for the daily ice bath. I’ve been stretching and I indeed, rested, which is quite a severe and vexatious feat for me. I went in to the gym and did stationary bike at a snail’s pace a few times but didn’t really break a sweat, which means I wasn’t working hard, because when I work I’m like a faucet, leaving slime-marks in my path. I know you love the visual.

I tried doing an ice bath, by filling up the bath water with cold water and adding several trays of ice cubes to plunge the temperature. I had several towels waiting for me, for when I would emerge from the bath. I tried to psych myself up, and dipped my feet into the freezing water. As I gingerly lowered myself into the ice bath, I was hyperventilating, practically yelling and moaning from the extreme discomfort.





I could only lower myself in as far as my waist. After about 4 minutes passed, I got up, toweled dry, then retrieved an ice cup (Dixie cup filled with water and left in the freezer, that you tear off the first few inches of cup to reveal a smooth surface to rub with when you’re ready) and iced my shoulder. A few more times during the week I iced my shoulder. Didn’t do any more ice baths.

I have followed all the specifications of Week 2 so far, except the icing.

Current states Foot kind of hurt the past two days, but feels good today.
Knee is feeling good.
Shoulder has been hurting when I push off my forearm or hand, such as when I brace myself to stand up. Looking forward for this pain to diminish as I continue my rehab.

Week 1 down, 12 more to go! The “rest” part is the hardest part for me, so as I continue through my program it should get “easier” for me. Please send love and health and positive thoughts my way! Thank you!! ;)

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