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Weekend Recap: Multiple Desserts and No Exercise. Ugh!

Posted Oct 06 2009 12:00am
Ugh is right. What the heck is wrong with me? On Friday I wanted to run, but somehow the entire day was over before I realized there was no time. I did shred about 3 months' worth of bills and other papers that were suffocating the little airspace in my room. And then Saturday, I was up SUPER early. I was going to run, but I ended up reorganizing one of my bookshelves, shredding more papers, and doing some laundry before heading out to do 20 million more things... The only active thing I did this past weekend was ride bike Sunday for about an hour.

And I've been eating dessert a lot more often--an ice cream cone right after lunch Sunday, a slushie right after dinner...some sherbert after lunch yesterday...I have lost ALL structure in my diet AND exercise routine. I NEED to regain control. What can I do?

In terms of exercise: I need to do exactly what Taj suggested on Friday . I've downloaded my gym's class schedules, so I'll let you know soon what classes I'll be taking...I MUST impose some kind of structure on my life or I will be in serious trouble shortly.

In terms of my diet: Idunno...I was looking at some tips on this I got at at press event recently. One of the points that struck me was that people who are able to shed weight and keep it off still plan their meals and keep a food diary. Hmm...OK. I was hoping I could be rid of it for a while, but I guess not. So yesterday, I went to Trader Joe's to stock up on some staples, and today, I'm carrying that little notebook with me everywhere! Sigh.

I will NOT lose heart. I WILL get over this. Because there is no way I'm going back to where I came from. I've fought too long and hard to just give up now.

How about you? Do you need to reassess your exercise and eating habits? And what does your workout schedule look like right now--spin class 2 times a week and some weight training at home, or swimming at your local pool? I need some inspiration. Please share!
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