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Posted Aug 24 2008 2:47pm
Stats for this week:

Calories burned = 2,487

Calories consumed = 13,944

Deficit (11,900 - calories burned +calories consumed) = 443

Weight = 135.6 lbs (Lost 1.4 lbs)

Tanita Body Fat% = 26.3% (Lost .6%)

Waist = 28.7 inches (Lost .8 inch)

Hips = 34.5 inches (Lost 1/2 inch)

Number of cardio workouts = 6 (I used the weekend to double up workouts)

Number of strength workouts = 3

I'm pretty happy with the results. This ended up being a really tough week. I had Monday off and could not get to sleep that night. I guess I slept too much over the weekend. So I skipped my Monday workout. I worked 16 hours on Tuesday and did not have time to work out before work on Wednesday. Thursday I woke up feeling really sick so I slept another hour instead of working out. Luckily I felt better as the day went on.

I ate too much catering this week. It was way too oily and buttery. Who knows how many calories I actually ate.

And it was my birthday on Friday! So I ate a lot of calories this week. I had a wrap party to go to on Friday night and then my boyfriend took me out on Saturday night. I did pretty well overall. I could have done a little better with my choices but at least I made progress this week.

For this week I REALLY want to get up for my workouts. I have a lot of new at home fitness equipment to use so I'm super excited about that. I will also not be eating catering for lunch. I might once or twice for breakfast.

My knee does hurt. A lot. I'm not sure what I did to it so I hope icing it tonight will make it feel better tomorrow. I swear it's always something. I feel like I'm falling apart. There's a different injury every week!

This is my calorie plan:

SUNDAY: Eat - 1700 Burn - 550

MONDAY: Eat - 1600; Burn - 600

TUESDAY: Eat - 1700; Burn - 300

WEDNESDAY: Eat - 1700; Burn - 200

THURSDAY: Eat - 1600; Burn - 200

FRIDAY: Eat - 1700; Burn - 500

SATURDAY: Eat - 1700; Burn - 700

I NEED to drink more water. I think that would really keep me fuller since I'll be eating less calories this week. I haven't planned for a high day. I'm going to San Diego for vacation next weekend so I know I'll have a high day or 2. Then I have a whole week off!!
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