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Posted Aug 24 2008 3:39pm
This was a good week. Here are the stats:

Calories burned = 3231

Calories consumed = 12,971

Deficit (11,900 - calories burned +calories consumed) = 2,160

Weight = 135.4 (1 lb lost)

Tanita Body Fat% = 26.4% (gained .4%)

Waist = 28.75 inches (Lost 1/2 inch)

HIps = 34.25 inches (Lost 1/4 inch)

Overall my hardwork paid off. I'm a little disappointed that I lost some muscle. A little over a pound infact. BUT I've made my main goal to lose inches in my waist since I can't find a good way to measure my BF%, so I'm ok. This week I'm adding a workout (7 total workouts) and adding some more calories. There were three days this past week when I was soooooo hungry. I think 1600 or 1700 calories is getting to the low side for me. Especially since I lost muscle.

This is my plan for this week:

Sunday - Burn 600 calories / Eat 1700

Monday - Burn 400 / Eat 1800

Tuesday - Burn 300 / Eat 1700 - High carbs

Wednesday - Burn 500 / Eat 1800

Thursday - Burn 400 / Eat 2000 - High carbs

Friday - Burn 400 / Eat 1800

Saturday - Burn 600 / Eat 1700

My deficit should be around 2600 for the week.

I did pretty well at not snacking in the kitchen at work this past week but I think I can do better this week. I'm going to use my ugly green highlighter and highlight every time I cave! Hopefully I won't have more than 5 highlights this week.

I also need to drink more water. I think that's one reason for the hunger.
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