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Posted Aug 24 2008 8:10pm
This was a good week. I was busy and worked lots of hours and was still able to keep up with my new way of eating.

Here are the results:

Weight: 136.4 (gained .6 lbs)

BF%: LOST 1.8%

Waist: Lost .5 inches

Hips: Lost .5 inches

I kind of hoped for more but I did a lot of strength workouts thanks to Jillian Michaels. So I gained more muscle which is my goal! I decided her workouts in 'Making the Cut' are GREAT. i don't know why I stopped doing them! I honestly think I just got lazy. They're really tough! And they also take a lot of work moving around the gym. You can't do them all in one place. But I think that's a good thing....keeps you on your toes.

My deficit for this week was 2345.5 calories. Not bad. I want to try for more next week. I need to stop going over my calories. It's never more than 100 but it just bothers me that I can't 100% stick to my plan. Why do I have to sneak in a couple of chips or a couple of m & m's? Hopefully tomorrow I can do it!! I would love to get my deficit closer to 3000 but I don't want to be starving. This week I am going to throw in some lower calorie days, just by 100 calories. I think that will help.

Hope everyone has a great and healthy week!!
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