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Week 4 of Pilates

Posted Apr 30 2008 10:26am 3 Comments

What a session! Our Instructor really worked us last night! I'm able to roll on my back without any discomfort and am handling the more intense exercises she's having us do.

Bad thing....I left my cute little Stepping Out with Stanford Pedometer at her studio.

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I hope it's not lost! If it is, they are giving out more of those pedometers at the walk at the end of this month.
Ohps! I mean next month! I already think it's May, hahaha, sorry!

I got the pedometer specifically for the Stepping Out with Stanford online course offered through HIP. You pay $25 for the 10 week online course. It's basically to work towards getting 10,000 steps per day and you can enter your total steps for each day to track, print up reports and graphs and get emails from the coach. AND the Pedometer of course.

The good news is I did call the Instructor and she's got it set aside for me at the studio. She had a feeling it was mine. LOL I still might go to the Cardinal Walk at the end of the month. do you know if you have to sign up for that or just show up? And it might be the same model.

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