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Week 2 of Pilates

Posted Apr 09 2008 9:09am 3 Comments

I'm not a Natural at Pilates. I can't sit up from lying on the floor...and I can't roll back and forth. My abs are needing a lot of work and am continually reminding myself to 'pull in my belly button' all day long...every day.

Thankfully, I bought a new mat that's much thicker than the old yoga slip of paper (ok, slight exaggeration) I had for Week 1. That probably sounds odd, but it's better than bringing an AEROBED TO CLASS.

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Areobed Misty? too funny
Oh I love that - yoga mat slip of paper! That is too funny. Pilates is SOOOO not my favorite.
This is my first attempt at it and if there's anyone more needy of a healthier CORE than I, she must be a twin. I've tried Yoga and loved it but wanted to try something else...ask me again in 2-3 weeks when our Instructor has really stepped it up if I still like it.
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