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Week 2 of 13 completed…

Posted Jan 29 2010 12:00am

Week 2 (the first official week of stabilization/rehab training) is done. I did all my specified shoulder, foot, and knee exercises, stretches, etc. I got my massage for this cycle (omg soo soo good…can be on that massage table for.ever.).

Where I did not follow the program exactly was: I again was not as diligent with daily icing. And I did not take a spin class. Because my shoulder was hurting, I didn’t want to brace myself against the bike the whole time, especially if standing, so I didn’t take a spin class. I will probably make it up later on during the program. There, I said it.

Yesterday I felt twinges of feeling sorry for myself, despair, resentment, etc for not being able to participate in the activities I love and being around some fabulously fit people. Today I am manifesting a much more positive day by empowering myself instead of victimizing myself. I am listening to Tony Robbins non-stop and reminding myself to use the power of my emotions as action signals and ask myself “How would I rather feel?” and change my perceptions and my procedures to make it happen.

By committing to staying positive and motivated rather than succumbing to despair even if things don’t go my way is the key to my rehab and the key to success. This is what I must do if I wanna rock the stage. Which I do. B-girl fun-ness here I come. Figure stage here I come…you inch closer as the weeks get scratched off. 2 down, 11 more to go…

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