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Want to Get Stronger? Try Squats and Farmers Walks

Posted Sep 01 2011 12:00am

As Dan John always says, if it is important, do it everyday. This goes for eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and practicing movements that will make you a better athlete.

One of the tricks I employ to get these movements in is the a dynamic warm-up that consists of Romanian deadlifts, rows, high pulls, press, and over head squats. With this warm-up you get a hinge, an upper body pull, an explosive lift, an upper body push, and a squat.

Another trick I employ is squatting every time I train, which is pretty much seven days a week. If you want to get good at squatting, squat more often! Squatting often will also get you used to straining against heavy weights, making you stronger in all your lifts.

Often the squats are paired with an easier bodybuilding type of movement to sneak in some extra volume.

After the squats session, which takes about 30 minutes, I like to practice one strongman event. Today it happened to be Atlas Stone lifting, an event that really loads the posterior chain, especially the hamstrings, as well as the abs and biceps. If you suck at stones, I recommend a steady diet of deep front squats, cleans, and deadlifts standing on a platform. I am guessing you are already doing your fair share of curls if Jersey Shore is any indicator of today's gym rat.

Stone lifting is just bad ass. If your gym doesn't have stones in it, find a crew of strongman athletes and practice with them. Or, just go out to the woods or a park and find a stone to play with. It will bring out the primal side of you. In fact, Celtic tribes used to have challenge stones. A boy would not be considered a man until he could lift the tribe's challenge stone. Are you a boy or a man?

Here is the workout the Bells of Steel Crew did today, to give you some ideas on how to structure your next training session Sunday, Strongman Practice
  • Mobility Work
  • Dynamic Warm-Up
    • empty barbell complex
  • A1 Back Squat with Medium Bands
    • worked up to 405lbs plus approximated 100lbs of band tension at the top x 1
  • A2 Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    • 4 x 10, fairly light just to grease the groove
  • Atlas Stones
    • loading 270 x 3
    • attempting to shoulder the stone 270 x 4 x 1
    • loading 300lbs x 1 (got it but it hurt my pulled hamstring)
    • loading 270 x 6
  • Reverse Hypers
    • 3 x 15
    This evening I will probably throw around a kettlebell just to get in some extra conditioning, but for now, let's enjoy some stone lifting awesomeness!

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