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Want Lean Feminine Muscles? Use These 3 Forms of Specificity

Posted Dec 26 2009 9:09pm
This is a simple concept to understand and I bet you have never heard this before, but it really does explain a lot. It is important to differentiate between the methods and reasons why your body reacts to certain exercise routines differently. It really comes down to the Principal of Specificity.

Simply put this principal says that the body will adapt to the specific stresses you put on it… and it will do it as fast as it can. Knowing this will help you get massive results very quickly. You just need to know about the three forms of specificity.

First Form of Specificity: Mechanical Specificity

Mechanical specificity talks all about the amount of weight and the movements that the body goes through. So for example… if you’re goal is to build a high level of endurance then you’ll want to do a greater number for reps and lighter weights.

This helps to really work your muscles for long periods of time. Because of that they will build a high levels of endurance. Keep in mind that your body will give you what you train it for.

If you wanted to build more lean muscle mass instead then you’ll want to lift heavier weights at a lower rep count. This causes your muscles to adapt to heavier resistance levels which means you’ll need more strength. So that’s exactly what it will do for you.

Neuromuscular Specificity

Neuromuscular specificity talks about the speed at which your muscles are being trained. So if you wanted to build more power and quickness of the muscle contraction… you would need to lift a lighter weight and contract your muscles at a very fast pace.

So if you were to slow your reps down… and I mean really slow them down, then you would create a strong stable foundation.

In the first instance when you used higher velocity of contractions, you gain power because your muscle learns how to maximize their push or pull. And with stability, when you are lifting really low… you muscles learn how to hold that weight with more stable actions.

The Next One – Metabolic Specificity

Metabolic Specificity is all about the energy demands that are placed on the body. This is very similar to mechanical specificity. So if you want to use more energy of the body… a bigger caloric burn… then you would work your muscles for a longer period of time.

The body will adapt to this by building up a strong endurance. It is also important to note that the rest periods between reps will be short. When you are trying to pack on the fat burning muscle, you will have to have longer rest periods because the intensity of the exercise is so great.

How about we go into one more real life example to really get this across and show how important this is. Let’s say your goal is to slim down on the body fat… aka… get ripped. Then you’d want to go more endurance and go for a greater energy output rather than muscle building.

So mechanically to burn more calories you want to use muscle building weight and your movements would be more effective in a standing position. This is so because you are engaging more muscles standing up through stabilizing your body. If you were sitting down then the seat helps stabilize you and you cant burn as many calories.

I hope that made one thing really clear to you. You have to understand that you can’t do the same thing over and over again. If you want results that really make your friends and family jealous about your body… you need to change it up and use the different specificity levels.

Dan Boyle is a NASM certified trainer who works with Taylor Ryan. He is a trainer on staff at The Art of Weight Lifting… a womens training site. One of his fitness passions is creating fitness programs. So he also works with Taylor to build fitness programs.

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